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Saving energy for an improved livelihood

The story of Shyhrete Abazi Osmani | Engineer at Prishtina Municipality Energy Efficiency department

In the heart of Prishtina’s bustling urban framework sits an office where strategies for a sustainable future are being drawn. This is the workplace of Shyhrete Abazi Osmani, a high official for Energy Efficiency in the Municipality of Prishtina's Urbanism Department. Shyhrete is not just an official; she's an architect of change, a dedicated engineer who has intertwined her life with the pulse of environmental engineering, setting the cornerstone for a greener Kosovo.


“I am very pleased to be working in creating a better future for us, the society in Kosovo where younger generations can breathe cleaner air and enjoy a better climate”, she says.


Shyhrete's academic journey began in Mitrovica, where she pursued environmental engineering—a field she believes is intertwined with life itself, due to the profound impact of our surroundings on daily existence. Her selection of this discipline proved right, as the demand for skilled professionals like herself is high, rendering her career choice both interesting and rewarding.


The transition to energy efficiency policy was a natural evolution for Shyhrete. Starting in 2014, she worked in the Municipality of Mitrovica and was later summoned to the capital in 2017, drawn by the dire need for her expertise. Presently, she leads monumental projects aimed at infusing energy efficiency into Prishtina’s educational structures. Shyhrete is orchestrating the retrofitting of schools in the capital through multimillion-euro projects in collaboration with strategic partners, totalling 47 projects lined up for execution. Her role is pivotal, extending to the leadership of the environmental permissions section, ensuring that every new edifice meets the sustainability standards mandated by the law.


“Considering the high number of buildings popping up, especially in the capital, it is crucial to apply strict standards for energy efficiency that meet the requirements”.


Shyhrete emphasizes the crucial role energy efficiency holds in Kosovo's national energy strategy. This focus signifies a commitment to reducing energy consumption, thereby curtailing emissions—a step toward alignment with European Union standards.

“However, we have a way to go to get where we want to be – there is a need for further regulation in the sector to be able to measure the impact of the energy efficiency”, as she

points out the gap that Kosovo needs to bridge, particularly in the establishment of a certification mechanism that would provide transparency regarding the energy performance of buildings.


Despite the economic hurdles that often accompany the adoption of energy efficiency measures, Shyhrete stresses the collective benefits: cost savings for households, improved air quality, and a better living environment for all. These advantages underline the urgency for increased investment in this sector.


Recently, the Government of Kosovo has implemented several waves of subsidies for households and businesses alike that saw tens of thousands of Kosovans purchase energy-efficient appliances or even apply insulation measures to save energy.


She proudly notes that the latest construction projects, particularly apartment blocks, adhere to the environmental criteria set by Kosovo and the Municipality of Prishtina, heralding a wave of sustainable development in the construction industry—one of the key economic engines and job creators in the country.


Shyhrete’s academic credentials, anchored in geoscience and technology with advanced studies in environmental protection engineering, reflect her comprehensive understanding of the intricate relationship between the environment and energy sectors. She champions the energy efficiency field as a burgeoning realm of opportunity and innovation, especially encouraging young girls to explore this dynamic sector poised for growth on both a national and global scale.


Her advocacy for gender inclusivity in the energy sector finds a powerful platform in AWESK, the Association of Women in the Energy Sector of Kosovo, of which she has been a part since its establishment. Shyhrete values the solidarity, mentorship, and professional development AWESK fosters, contributing significantly to dismantling the outdated notion that energy is a male-dominated field.

“I am proud that we as AWESK are pioneers in promoting energy efficiency in the society, with a special focus on women by designing and running awareness campaigns,” Shyhrete says. “This was fulfilling for me to be involved in, and a great way to give back to the society on the subjects we are strong as members of AWESK.”


Shyhrete is a strong believer in the potency of well-crafted policies and their meticulous implementation. For her, these are the vital ingredients for achieving compliance with European Union standards and realizing the full potential of the policies. She stands as a visionary, sowing the seeds for a resilient and prosperous Kosovo, where sustainability is not an afterthought but a fundamental ethos guiding development.


Shyhrete Abazi Osmani, through her unwavering dedication to energy efficiency, is more than just a high-ranking official; she is a pioneer leading Kosovo towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Her work is a testament to the transformative power of passion, knowledge, and leadership in the realm of environmental stewardship.

This story was developed by the Association of Women in Energy Sector in Kosovo with the support from the Center for International Private Enterprise within "WE-Champs: Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem by Networking Regional Women’s Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations" project, funded by the U.S. Department of State Secretary’s Office of Global Women’s Issues (S/GWI). All opinions stated herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the view of the United States Government or CIPE.


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