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The Association of Women in the Energy Sector of Kosovo emerged as a result of the mCircle mentoring network established in 2016 for women in Kosovo’s energy sector institutions. AWESK was publicly launched in June 2017 with the support of the USAID “REPOWER-KOSOVO” project and such is the first and only civil society organization in Kosovo focusing on gender in the energy sector.


To date AWESK has more than 140 members, highly trained and educated professionals from a broad range of profiles, including: women engineers, IT, legal experts, administrators and HR, marketing and PR personnel, and academics from engineering and the social sciences.


AWESK Strategic Objectives

Objective 1

Increased participation in training and networking to contribute towards career advancement and
decision-making opportunities for women in the energy sector.


Objective 2

Raised awareness on energy efficiency and environmental protection measures to contribute
to opportunities for higher quality of life and wellbeing, especially for girls and women.


Objective 3

Increased cooperation between the energy and education sectors as a means of increasing access
to employment opportunities and knowledge of gender considerations in the energy field.

AWESK Powers

Professional and highly educated members
Capacity to conduct trainings and advocacy
Preparedness to implement projects
Strong links between members and energy institutions
Committed to grow membership
Sound relations with the civil society organizations

"We can't do great things, only small things with great love"

- Mother Theresa

Our Mission


The mission of AWESK is to empower women in the energy sector through career and professional development, networking, participation in
decision-making, and contributing to Kosovo’s sustainable economic development.



The vision of AWESK is to directly respond to challenges women face in the sector, including under-representation in professional and academic settings, and lack of institutional support, while serving as a platform to promote the entry of women and their professional development in the energy sector.

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