Empowering women and girls in the energy sector 

The Association of Women in the Energy Sector of Kosovo emerged as a result of the mCircle mentoring network established in 2016 for women in Kosovo’s energy sector institutions. AWESK was publicly launched in June 2017 with the support of the USAID “REPOWER-KOSOVO” project and such is the first and only civil society organization in Kosovo focusing on gender in the energy sector.



Boiler keep water at 50 degrees C, Washing machine activate during low tariff, 
Dishwasher activate during low tariff, Fridge use efficient consumption,
Kitchen appliances use efficient consumption, Air conditioner turn off when not in use

TV / Computer turn off when not in use, Thermostat temperature regulator 


To reduce electric energy consumption and water usage, consider how and when you use energy,
and prevent losses by using equipment to save energy.


The Energy Regulatory Office sets application conditions and procedures.

Our association can assist you in the application process to become a prosumer.