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Training Series for AWESK Membership Starts

The first of the series of capacity development trainings for AWESK membership has started. Facilitated by the USAID-funded Kosovo Energy Security of Supply (KESS) project, implemented by DT Global, the two-day session focused on NGO management. In total, 17 AWESK members participated, showing high interest and engagement during the training sessions.

The series of training sessions for AWESK membership is planned to run until June 2020. Provided by the Advocacy Training and Resource Center (ATRC) in Prishtina, the aim of the training is to build AWESK members’ skills in fundraising, project design and management, effective communication and information, networking and knowledge on specific related energy fields. With these skills, the members will be be able to utilize their knowledge to contribute to increased engagement from women and girls in the energy sector in Kosovo.

The KESS project provides technical assistance across Kosovo’s energy sector for the design and implementation of energy security projects in the country.


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