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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join as a student?

Yes, AWESK has a significant number of members who are students and does not apply membership fees for them.

I am a master's student (for education outside Kosovo), can I join?

Yes. In case of staying abroad, you can receive news on AWESK activities as well as other published information through our website and social networks.

Do you only accept girls and women, or can men also apply to become members?

At the moment we have only women and girls in the association, but in the future, we can consider the possibility of welcoming boys and men, if there is interest to do so.

What criteria must be met in order to apply for membership in the association?

You must be studying or have studied in relevant fields related to the energy sector, and / or if you work in the energy sector.

What can I gain if I join the association?

Professional development, participation in trainings, participation in projects, networking and establishing contacts, advocacy, and so on.

What obligation do I have after joining AWESK?

Membership payment, and to confirm whether you would like to participate or not in the activities in which you are invited.

If I want to terminate my membership in AWESK, how can I do that?

You need to send an email to We will then delete all the data we have stored for you from our membership database. You can use our benefits only for the period you have paid the membership fee.

I am not from the relevant fields, but I am interested in the energy sector. Can I join?

You can follow us on our website and on social media networks where you can find information about our activities, workshops or conferences that will be organized and participate by paying the required registration fee (if applicable).

How can I make a membership fee?

Payment can be made through the bank account published on our website.

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